Monday Melancholy – Bee Afraid

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08/12/2013 by syrbal-labrys

photoA giant Mason jar imitation is bubbling away with four gallons of an herbal beer; the sweet to feed the yeasty beasties that will make the alcohol is honey. Honey that goes up and up in price as bees in America continue to die. But honey prices are not the frightening part, as I keep trying to tell everyone.

Bees pollinate the food YOU eat. And in collecting that pollen to feed their own larvae, they are contributing, unwillingly, to their own demise. Because that pollen is poisoned, not only with pesticides, but with fungicides.

America has been in the habit of doing head-in-sand science about bees. When asked if fungicides were harmful, the answer was, “Duh, stupid, bees are not a fungus, so NO.” It just isn’t that simple; the chemical cocktails we drench our world with daily have a wider reach than the head-in-sand sorts. And the companies selling the poisons keep the EPA under a financial thumb. The bees are paying now….and we will pay later.

And if you don’t think a bunch of “insects” dying is scary? Maybe birds falling from the sky would impress you?


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