08/12/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I know summer in some places means an ant invasion. Usually here we might see a few tiny “sugar ants” but it really never becomes a big issue. But if it does, you can fight them without poisoning your environment!

Now, gee, if feeding cream of wheat to other pests would only make them explode?!

3 thoughts on “Ants?

  1. Spud says:

    I’ve used Diatomaceous Earth for quite a while. The pool grade is fine for this, just wear a mask while sprinkling it. Silica is the harmful part to pool grade and it exists in all dust lol. Corn meal also works fairly well, just don’t use extra fine. They prefer a little larger grind.

  2. Squathole says:

    Here in the nation’s dicktip we have over a hundred species of ants, the latest of which is the Tawny Crazy Ant that finds its way into walls and — ready? — devours electrical equipment. This fries them as well as ruins the wiring, and the odor of fried ant actually attracts others.

    There’s a parallel here to the unlikely human beings who also find their way to Florida, only to become total worthless nuisances to the established populations (read: earlier generations of invasive species) before self-destructing and somehow inspiring similar critters to take their place.

    Our solution is to allow the spiders to thrive: they have a knack for trapping other tiny pests as well as an appetite for them.

    • syrbal says:

      That warm weather down there surely favors ants everywhere…as well as OTHER invasive species!
      Maybe you need larger spider species for non-ant invasions?

      Seriously, I have heard of that Crazy Ant, and I am glad we don’t have them…we have rodents that fry themselves chewing electrical stuff from time to time and that is bothersome enough!

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