Tarot Tuesday – 6 August – Let There Be Two

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08/06/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Ah, the number two, harbinger of duality! That which signals polar opposites and sometimes conflict, and also, allegedly the number of the Great Mother. Perhaps because the second Kabbalistic sefirah is Binah; the “feminine force of embodiment, so to speak?
Cups 2

The two of Cups, first—a happy card of connection mostly. Connoting emotional flow and water, I have to say, seeing this card in rare readings over the last couple years of PTSD-roiled marriage re-started my faltering romantic heart a few times. It speaks of deep connections and bonding; it need not always connote romantic love and can apply to deep friendships as well. Reversed of course, it means quarreling and separations, or even unrequited love.

Pentacles 2

The Pentacle’s deuce suggests the “juggling” for balance quality that all the twos can share. This card can be about financial fluctuations, but also about the balance of one’s own self — Shadow vs Self, or the careful expenditures of time and energy. I’ve seen a lot of this card in the ill-dignified manner — reckless spending and debt. It does NOT mean partnership….but that deck is wrong more often than not in the chosen pronouncements of its creators.

Swords 2

Only the “Pagan 2000” deck does swords as Fire, which has often been my personal preference. Seeing how incredibly wrong this deck has been about everything else, I find myself more often reading swords as Air as is more commonplace. The Steampunk deck emphasizes the iffy aspect of this card for me, this one speaks to me of a conflict of heart and head, and at worst a running from or refusing to SEE an issue in order to NOT deal with it. It can also mean a pause in trouble, a truce through inaction more than resolution.

Wands 2

Finally, Fiery Wands. This one might be the most problematical deuce of all; for while it can mean partnership and alliance and stepping out on an endeavor, it also can mean indecision and hesitation when alliance is offered. Lack of action IS the worst choice one could make upon seeing this card. Reversed it suggests arrogance and ambition and striving to get ahead by any means whatsoever. I don’t enjoy seeing this card in a spread, because it is difficult to tell which meaning, alliance or indecision, is really meant.


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