Is It Friday Yet?

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08/05/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1mondays suck so hard be in porn It was a productive weekend. I got a row of the unplanted garden section weeded and strewn with hardwood ashes, so as to make it fit to plant rutabagas for the late season. We got a great section of the rest of the garden weeded, too. We got the larders restocked by braving the heat and highway congestion, but I admit that totaled me out.

So, Monday? Oy. Getting over some sort of summer cold viral crud that made my head and sinus cavities feel carpet-bombed for the last four days. I’ve been preached at for liking Nietzsche and told that Christianity is the “dynamo” that launched Western Civ and that Western Civ is the bestest evah! (Obviously by someone who wouldn’t like Chris Hedges!) Been reading and clicking “like” on a lot of things I actually don’t like and am in fair despair over…..there under “posts I like” to the right—–>

Me? I’m debating between harvesting lettuce and reading in front of the fan all day. Alcoholic lemonade may figure in my day. Also, the wild purslane has blessedly come in and I plan a salad of that and shredded radishes and red cabbage for dinner. Oh, and wild red huckleberries, too! Keep calm and Monday onwards!

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