Harvests of the Day


08/05/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I have neglected photos of the rewards of our admittedly late efforts at gardening. We have had cucumbers, black currants, and blueberries already! We have already made honeysuckle and rose petal mead, as well.
I had bemoaned my costly purchased purslane seeds failing to sprout, purslane but I am happy to report that while weeding the corn and beans and beets yesterday, I found a wealth of the wild and delicious variety! And I cannot wait to eat some in a salad tonight! It is rich in minerals and vitamins and utterly crunchable raw, but it is also excellent in soups and stews, reminding me of cactus/nopales with none of the spine removing work!

rainbow chard I also harvested the beautiful rainbow chard this morning. It will feature in risottos and egg dishes until every delectible leaf is consumed. We were very fortunate that there was almost no insect damage, only a bit of sunburn on a few leaves sprayed with water right before high heat of the day struck.

roseAnd finally, this blurry amorphous mass is more of the highly scented rose petals, floating gently in a kettle of water with the smaller flush of secondary honeysuckle blossoms. There they will soak overnight before being boiled to paleness to infuse all the color and flavor to the water, then honey will be added as soon as the spent blossoms are strained away…and into a carboy it will go to make more of the marvelously clear flower-essence mead that is my favorite type.

Oh, and internet harvest? THIS!


4 thoughts on “Harvests of the Day

  1. carrotcosmic says:

    Amazing bounty, syrbal! In my garden there’s just a tomato that is starting to blush; the rest are all green 😀

    • syrbal says:

      It is unusual here, very unusual. But this year, I put the tomatoes in tires on a hot gravel driveway up against a wooden fence to reflect heat as well. Only three or four tomatoes have ripened thus far…but it is a good sign of canned salsa in the future.

  2. pinepig says:

    Oh yum. Should I have have the good fortune to visit your fair home I would love to try a tipple of your flower-essence mead.

    Good luck with your harvest & processing of your Bounty. I’ve just planted some of our spring seeds & will plant some more next month when it’s warmed up a bit more.

    I enjoyed the comments you linked to. LOL!

    • syrbal says:

      The flower meads are my favorite. My son’s fav is the cranberry orange mead we make for Yule, it has a sunny color and taste. We made elderberry mead this year and it is maturing now before being bottled up to rest for a full year. I hope to make elderFLOWER mead next spring.

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