Protected From Terrorist Babies!


08/02/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Got to LOVE American airline folks, right? Specially the ‘vigilant always’ sorts at US Airways, who told a woman to de-plane because her baby and toddler were crying. You know, I know a lot of folks depend on the aviation industry for jobs….including my husband for one more year. But if they all go fucking broke and out of business? I won’t be sending sympathy cards cause they bring it upon themselves…first by silently pandering to the idiocy of the TSA and second, by being asshats to their own customers. Kids cry, specially when picked up by strangers w/o a mother’s permission.

I do not fly any more and shit like this is why.

4 thoughts on “Protected From Terrorist Babies!

  1. Louie Gohmert’s running an airline?

  2. pinepig says:

    That poor mom. There was a bit of difference between her story & the airline’s and I’m more inclined to believe the truth is closer to the mother’s version.

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