Oh, Fuck You, You Kindergarten Failure, You!


07/31/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1patienct wering thing Even kindergarteners know the rule is “keep your hands to yourself!” But an allegedly grown man is insisting that he NEVER heard of that concept. A mayor of San Francisco** Diego is claiming he didn’t know better than to sexually harass because the CITY never gave him a class in that? Seriously?

Just another grabby asshole who thinks women are party favors. And he wants to blame the city of San Diego? Toss him off the Golden Gate Bridge, already. Maybe he has had swimming lessons at city expense?

**Read too fast while stressed and waterless….my mistake. Still, can we use the big bridge for a tossing?


2 thoughts on “Oh, Fuck You, You Kindergarten Failure, You!

  1. badtux99 says:

    That’s San Diego, not San Francisco. San Diego is like white Republican hell, the developers rule the place and elect their own, i.e. a morals-free jerk. San Francisco is cool, Mayor Ed Lee would never sexually harass anybody because that simply isn’t acceptable behavior for an Asian-American male of his years.

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