Is It Five O’ Clock Yet? (Edited version)


07/31/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Keep pouringWe woke to no water coming from the faucets this morning. We have a well, with a 34 year old main pump and a holding tank half full of sediment. It August it gets real tetchy. But this year? It got tetchy in JANUARY, so the wiser minds figure the pump needs replaced. This is a big deal. It means calling the power company to come get THEIR shit off the wellhouse roof, which the nitwits used w/o asking, to anchor a goddamned power pole. Then it means removing said wellhouse roof, bringing in a big crane to pull the main pump out of the ground. OUr well-sharing neighbors were ordered to save money for this monumental bother back in January and I wanted to do this job in April….you know, when RAIN was still watering the garden? But no, they all three decided to live in denial of the problem and now on the eve of August….so yes, fuckitude all round. (EDit: bullet semi-dodged. Well pump threatened but not busted yet….the one neighbor who installed an insupportable watering system (which he cannot use) has sprung a leak. Experimenting with turning off individual homes and watching the pressure gauge drop as the well labored anyway revealed the leak. Opening the control box in the ground of his watering system revealed pooling water. So this is HIS fun to fix. We shut off his water till he does so….so as to not burn out the well pump.)

And then I read blogs and news. And I find THIS piece of fuckery. Holy shit, if the “system” is this broken, can we just break out the pitch forks and torches, or possibly guillotines and be done with the game?

Oh, and while I am ranting anyhow? Democratic Nat’l Committee? Stop sending me emails asking for money! You may fuck the fuck off, ok? You are spineless gutless bastards who keep kissing right wingtard ass in hopes they will “get” reasonable; this is the same as my idiot neighbors thinking the well pump will “maybe be alright after all”.

Oh, and yes, I have five gallons of alcoholic lemonade that may be part of my breakfast plan, because YES, it just might be the end of the world as we think we have known it.

And thanks to Skippy for THIS little bit of truth the right doesn’t want to be slapped with in time to save our asses.

And yes, I am an alarmed alarmist bitch. They said that to Cassandra of Troy, too, btw. So, the “collective insanity”….not mine, thank you. Sanity is becoming the minority opinion.


2 thoughts on “Is It Five O’ Clock Yet? (Edited version)

  1. Marcus says:

    As I’ve told friends, WASF. Folks don’t ‘get’ the concept that water is not limitless – yes, the planet is about 73% water, but most of it is unusable in its current form. With global warming, weather patterns shift, and places will get wetter/drier than what we’re used to because of it. Just look at the change in the growing region charts, and you’ll note that they are moving northward. Take a look at the drought charts, and many areas are in, and continue to be in multi-year drought conditions ( I live in a desert, and they’re building like water is no problem. Once reality hits, the fan will be so covered in the brown stuff, archeologists will be digging it up a few centuries from now.

    • syrbal says:

      Pretty much…only 3% or so of the world’s water is not salt water. I live in an area famous for being rainy, yet for the next two months, if I run a sprinkler longer than 45 minutes….longer than 15 if my four well-mates are also using water, it will drain the holding tank and gurgle as the pump strains to pull water from an ever lower glacier-fed aquifer.

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