Things I Do Not Understand


07/30/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I am feeling old and alienated today. Some of the things I see in my current world baffle me. I don’t watch the television news much, just now and then when I want some companionable noise while cooking dinner alone. So, last night, imagine my surprise, when I saw that a “Shark Fishing Competition” was considered news. Oh. This is “sport”, eh?

First off, before anyone brands me a mere liberal, tree-hugging vegan or something; lets get a few things straight, ok? I was reared in a household where hunting and fishing FED us when we would have otherwise starved. I have no illusions or delusions about eating meat. I am allergic to half the damned vegetative world and cannot eat it. So hey, liberal humanist, yes. Tree-hugger, yes. Vegan or vegetarian? Not so very much. Pass me the poultry, pork and beef and bison please.

But what I do not get, and frankly have never understood is “sports fishing/hunting”….killing something you do not intend to eat, especially if you just want it hung on your wall in some rather morbidly gruesome fashion. But the shark fishing was not news for catching and killing sharks in the normal fashion. Oh, no. The sports fishermen were patting themselves on the back for doing “catch and release” for the first time ever this year.

Yippee, what a pile of heroes. Instead of killing fish you do not intend to eat, you are only terrifying them, injuring them, and cutting the line to let them swim off with a hook in their mouth that may even result in some infection that causes their lingering starvation. Con-fucking-gratulations. And they were SO pleased with their new-found virtue.

Hey, maybe they have something in common with the sharks who only take a WEE LITTLE bite out of the odd surf-boarder? Maybe that is sharkish catch and release? Sharks are the predators of the ocean; most ecosystems need their top predators or everything begins to go awry. But hey, what am I worried about….mankind has always wanted to be the premier and ONLY successful predator on this planet. And there are over 7 billion of us running about looking for something (besides each other) to kill. No problem, right?

Yeah, I feel alienated. I don’t want to be human if this is what human is….oh, and did I mention angry. Yes, I am angry and fed up with humans doing stupid shit while killing the planet and every other life form upon it. Especially when they call it “sport”.


2 thoughts on “Things I Do Not Understand

  1. karen says:

    This kind of thing makes me ill too. I always wish that kind of hunter would get eaten by something.

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