Slow Time…..Summer Scrambled

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07/29/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I am blessed by the morning – cool cloud-cover blessed,
There was smoke on the wind last night,
But the wind died and I could again breath,
A hummingbird hovers six feet from my face,
Memorizing me, the one who fills feeders with nectar,
The roses dip, flower-weighted scent-heavy,
And the oregano buzzes, alive with bees in blossomed bliss.

But though the nights are cool, the sheets are not?
Thread-count hocus-pocus, cheap sheets are icy!
But by midnight, I pull the feather coverlet to chin,
Pineapple and blueberries for breakfast with dawn,
The thirsty garden entreats me to move faster,
Corn silk bedraggled, beans climbing mesh lattices,
And robins trapped in the blueberry netting.

I roll my shoulders and whistle for the dog,
I bake cookies in the dark coolness of the night,
The freezer is full of ice cream and ice cubes,
When did my skin turn this tan color?
Rose-petal mead is clarified pink dew,
Lynchburg lemonade** in a five gallon keg,
And sticky glasses in the shade, with yellow-jacket garnish.

photo copy 2

**Our version, which actually IS a lemonade, not a triple sec’d yuk version:
3 qts of lemon juice
5 lbs of sugar cooked into simple syrup with about 2 qts of water
7 or 8 cups of Jack Daniels with Honey (no less than 1 qt for 5% alcohol)
Enough water to mix and fill 5 gallon keg

Let carbonate in keg for a few days.

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