Goodwill Punting

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07/28/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Keep CalmImagine being blind and/or disabled, please. Imagine having trouble finding a job even though you have a college degree. So, now, imagine finally turning to Goodwill Industries in desperation for a job. Minimum wage better than no wage, you are thinking, right? Now imagine that you do NOT get minimum wage…you get less than half that if it is Washington State minimum, because YOU are paid $3.50 per hour. And routinely “re-tested” for job speed; and never mind test-stress, if your time drops so does your wage. Imagine being paid less than $1 per hour. Who can live on that sort of “wage”?

Goodwill uses a loophole, one 75 year old bit of legal shit, to do this to workers. And as you may have noticed, Goodwill prices are UP, they are making MORE money as even the embattled middle class discovers a cheaper source of necessary items.
But they are victimizing their disabled employees in this horrific manner. I am done with them. You can help tell them what they are doing is WRONG by signing a petition and NOT shopping there till they address this injustice.


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