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07/24/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Helen-and-Ursala_webAnd bah-humbug to the National Zoo, which has apparently discontinued their Black-footed ferret live cam site. I was going to show you woozle cousins…the Asian otter cam, but that, too is unavailable. Fine, be that freaking way, National Zoo.

So hey, go look into the nest box of a black footed ferret mama (to be?) in Phoenix! It isn’t very good resolution…and if nothing has changed since I last looked?(Edit: And it has, rat bits are gone!) Don’t be alarmed at the large dead rat bits, presumably lunch, lying to one side. Ma is not mauling a ferret kit…she is hungry! She plays with her food, I’m glad it is dead…she acts exactly like my ferrets with their toys. I don’t see any kits…so maybe she has not given birth yet; the black footed ferrets at the Nat’l Zoo most often gave birth in June.

What the heck…have some other cute animal babies, too.


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