Bee An Artist!


07/24/2013 by syrbal-labrys

bee glassI am overwhelmed with the coolness. I am envious past words. Everyone knows I come unhinged over anything to do with bees, honey, beeswax and the like because I miss my bees so much since the last of them succumbed to colony collapse about six years ago.

So, of course a story about making art using bees made me grin. And the pictures made me smile very much more! I actually like the work of the second artist a bit more; because I do worry about the European Honeybee being driven to the edge of existence, especially here in the US where our EPA is too cowed by big companies to ban the most devastating insecticides that are helping kill the bees.


One thought on “Bee An Artist!

  1. Rowan says:

    Amazing. I agree with you – the second artist is creating some fantastic stuff. I never would have thought you could do that with bees. Getting them to create the shape of the bottle is amazing. I guess bees have always fit their hives into whatever shape nature presented them with, but to get to watch it happen, that’s pretty cool.

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