Death By Yellow Ribbon


07/22/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1support troo[s….thats what I wish on the hypocritical Congressional asshats who don’t care who is going hungry. Even while they boast of how much they loooove their military; they are getting ready to strip necessary food stamps from 5000 military families.

I think the nation should take EVERY magnetic yellow ribbon and shove it up a Rethuglican Congress critter’s ass. Then stick their now magnetic asses to the side of a Navy ship, sail
’em out to see and drop ’em.

Course grocery prices continue to go up; but that is the least of worries since the Army stopped managing their own slums quarters —and yes, some of them are SO old that they are literally slatted to be destroyed. But since military members STILL live in them, and a CIVILIAN contracting firm is collecting the ENTIRE housing allowance for “maintaining” these moldy, fucked up old ’50’s dumps; they do NOT destroy them. Nor do they maintain them. They send someone to mow the front lawn, collect the trash and ignore repairs in buildings over a certain age.

Yeah, way to support the troops America….let the commissary claim it can’t be TOO competitive and hurt local stores (I find prices often cheaper at Winco, for instance), take about the food stamps of the most vulnerable AND make them live in substandard dumps while civilian asshats make a BUNDLE off Uncle Sugar.


2 thoughts on “Death By Yellow Ribbon

  1. Marcus says:

    Yeah, we had some of those buildings on Fort Carson back in the 90’s. I always was told Navy had worse, but never found out for myself. Notice how the Rethuglicans in the House decided to strip SNAP from the Farm Bill? Great way to “starve the beast”….

    • syrbal says:

      Yeah, after all, as the coffers run dry from paying (contractors) for wars abroad, we must keep whatever funds remain to pay those “job-creator” corporate masters to stay here and do business in the USA instead of moving the Mexico, or India, or China.

      They can say what they like, it is all “tribute” to modern day robber barons and nothing less. Marx is laughing his ass of in whatever possible afterlife, or new incarnation he inhabits.

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