Sex As Political Protest! – July 30th!


07/18/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1attempting to give a fuckHere in Washington State, the citizens recently voted to make the anti-drunk driving laws more strict. And now, television stations are in a dither because one of them filmed a notorious drunk driver, who has NO license and NO insurance DRIVING, while she is out on bail awaiting trial for damaging a bridge that will cost taxpayers a bundle to repair. What has this to do with sex and political protest?

Well, as a prosecutor fired back at the oh-so-indignant reporter: “You passed a law creating cause for arrests, you did not pass anything to hire and pay more prosecutors to work through the cases or build more jails to hold offenders when convicted or while awaiting trial.”

There you go. Citizens and governing authorities drum up arrests, but can’t really enforce jack or shit; you got that? Making something a crime means you need to PAY for the punishment phase, folks! So when Mr. Cuccinelli wants consensual anal or oral sex made illegal out there in Virginia, just how does he intend to enforce that silly religious right-frothing nonsense? I mean, really, why does ANYONE give a flying fuck (Mile High Club, anyone?) about this guy and his fixation on someone having fun?

Personally, I think we should discover when Mr. Cuccinelli’s birthday is and make it National Blow Job Day by popular acclaim. Maybe his head will explode?! AND HEY, GREAT TIMING! HIS BIRTHDAY IS JULY 30TH! PASS THE WORD!!

6 thoughts on “Sex As Political Protest! – July 30th!

  1. pinepig says:

    Wow, just about the time I think that US politicians couldn’t get any more silly about laws. I like your thinking though, that’s a political protest I think many people could get behind!

  2. Needs more days.

    Sorry. 😉

  3. Sixbears says:

    I’m in favor of the holiday -all for a good cause, of course.

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