Cue Mr. Nietzsche?


07/17/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I had trouble listening to Juror B-minus37, ok? First off, her calling Zimmerman by his first name made me grind my teeth. And apparently, most of the women of the jury didn’t care for what she had to say, either. I could rant about her totally full of shit statements of race having nothing to do with it, while she said things about the less-then-credible girlfriend being hard to understand because of how “they” live and such. They? They, who, White Girl? But I digress.

The quote that locked my jaws, but not my fingers?

By not walking away from the confrontation, the juror said of Martin, “I believe he played a huge role in his death.”

Hey, this didn’t happen in Zimmerman’s front yard, only in his neighborhood. And since Trayvon was visiting his family, it was HIS neighborhood, too. So, exactly whose ground was being stood here? They BOTH had a right to BE there. But Zimmerman didn’t think so, and he had the gun. And Miss B-37 (are those numbers assigned by bra size or estimated IQ?)? Generally if a black boy or man “walks away” from a man with a gun, he gets shot in the back.
And since young Trayvon was NOT doing anything wrong, why should he have tried to walk away?

Zimmerman only got to be the surviving “ubermensch” because he had the gun. Mr. Colt would be so proud, eh? Nietzsche would be appalled.


2 thoughts on “Cue Mr. Nietzsche?

  1. Sixbears says:

    Okay, the more I find out, the worse this looks.

    I really wanted to trust the jury on this one, but that’s gotten a lot harder to do.

    • syrbal says:

      Yeah, I hear you. Some blog made me pound my head with the too appropriate note that they wanted idiots on juries, and this woman obviously qualified.

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