Tarot Tuesday Two, Too…July 16

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07/16/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I suppose I could have edited this into my first “Tarot Tuesday” post today, but I decided I wanted this to stand alone for emphasis. This rather connects to my “top of the queue” “Fundaments” post as an afterthought, you see.

Fundamental sorts….whether fervent monotheistic sorts or atheists, likely roll their eyes (if they don’t make the sign of the cross or throw holy water at the screen) if they see the Tarot posts at all. “Oh my God(lessness?)!” they likely intone, “That idiot believes anything…likely astrology, too!”

Well, in case they can’t be bothered to see some of my very first Tarot Tuesday posts, wherein I stated that I think tarot has more to do with psyCHOLOGY than psyCHIC phenomenon, I just want to reassert that bit with more clarity.

To be brief, while I do believe we humans may have a mostly lost/forgotten/unexercised sixth sense, or some sorts of psychic awareness under the correct circumstances….an awful lot of that is huckersterism and a way to shear gullible sheep. I AM all about critical thinking and examination; but there are things that do defy the rational explanation….and I am all about experimenting with exploring those, too. I believe that possibly the most human defining thing we do is to recognize and create patterns. And how we define the patterns we perceive can define our actions and choices.

Tarot cards are marvelous ways of seeing patterns, and somewhat like astrology taken with several grains of salt (and possibly a strong antacid), it is WHAT we think we see that tells us the most about ourselves and whatever situation we are exploring. The real question is not simply “Am I going to meet a new man?” …whether reading cards OR a daily horoscope; the real query is more complex. What tells you “yes” or “no” and why do you interpret it that way? Why do you find the desire to meet a new man the most important thing to ask? Why does this image, or that ‘usual definition’ the most compelling?

Those are questions I cannot answer, either with astrology or tarot cards, and possibly not with psychology either. Those are questions only the querent can reply unto, and possibly only with great introspection. So, I am not a slave to astrology…and I admit, I enjoy “horror-scope” cartoons much more than the average prognostication of the average horoscope! Nor am I the unwitting twit tossing cards and giving dire presentiments to myself and others; I am looking for a pattern that tells me what is going on with me, with my querent….something to give me a clue from the unconscious, my own and the collective!

And sometimes, I need something much more primal to do that….and if you might, too? There is a “touch” for that, too!


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