But NO, It Is Not About Race…(edit)


07/16/2013 by syrbal-labrys

….file this under “And Other Lies.”

So a whole country’s width away from Florida, where six women of no color matching the victim, found “poor heart-in-the-right-place” (up his ass?!) “George” Zimmerman innocent, a musician cannot dedicate a song to the dead teen Trayvon Martin without being assaulted?!

Also, although some are screaming that the Floridian “Stand your ground” laws were NOT used in Zimmerman’s defense; the JUDGE did tell that jury they could consider the law in deliberations.
And they did….they used it to justify Zimmerman’s actions. Thing is, Zimmerman would never have needed to stand any ground if he had not pursued a young man whose only “crime” was walking through a neighborhood while being a black boy in a hoodie.


2 thoughts on “But NO, It Is Not About Race…(edit)

  1. Spud says:

    You and I agree on this one.
    If Zimmerman had not stalked Martin, the confrontation would not have occured.

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