Red Nailed Age


07/10/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Yesterday was silly girly beauty day. Yes, sadly, at age 60, I have discovered things like eyebrow shaping and professional manicures. I’m more of a four wheel drive woman than the shiny sports car variety. But I know a struggling younger woman, abandoned by the main wage earner, struggling to keep the cabinets loaded. She is on an impossibly small disability stipend and can only earn a few hundred a month without THAT being taken from her, too. So I go and get my nails done, and my asymmetrical eyebrows aligned.

So, my nails are bright blood red. It makes me feel like eating bon-bons or something all day. So not me, but somewhat entertaining as a diversion. I am at the no-longer-delicate age, I don’t strive for beauty so much as simply not looking exhausted. I may not be able to be as physically effective every day….not when my deteriorating spinal disks are giving me hell; but my aesthetician assures me I look FABULOUS.

It isn’t working for me. Off to the chiropractor to get the bobbles of my spine aligned, then back to hitting the Health Rider and the Bowflex. Old age ain’t for sissies….

4 thoughts on “Red Nailed Age

  1. Kiterea says:

    Why not be both? I drove my parents crazy, wanting to wear lace and frills plus ride bikes and climb trees. All my life I’ve done things like always fixing my nails just to rip them off lifting cases of product or fixing the washer,lol
    In the first two years we knew each other my partner thought I was 4 different women, he was thrilled when he realized all that variety was in one person 😀

    • syrbal says:

      That frilly bit seems SO high maintenance to me; beauty or a facsimile thereof is exhausting! Speaking of lifting….I must remember to go get gallons of honey, more mead to be making.

      • Kiterea says:

        OK, now I’m swooning…..homemade mead, love it.

      • syrbal says:

        A carboy of Honeysuckle Succubus is just finished bubbling…..time to start another before the blooming is finished.

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