Tarot Tuesday – July 9th


07/09/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Ah, summer. Not my favorite season, although necessary if I like to continue eating. But the heat fries my brain, unravels my patience, ignites my asthma and makes me testy. So when I snarl at the very first card….blame the summer heat, right?
12_The Hanged Man
No, blame the “Pagan 2000” deck for more stupidity. I really hate that card. Walker’s is again traditional, and even the Steampunk deck keeps most of the hung-by-heel-legs-make-4-upside-down symbology. It is sort of the traditional “Emperor”, whose legs make a 4 in most images, turned literally on his head. If the Emperor is political power, the Hanged Man has none and is associated with treachery and betrayal. The “Cirque” deck got its nickname from this card, since the lazily swinging jester really does look like he might be putting on a show.

This card always makes me think “twisting in the wind!” But I remind myself it can mean sacrifice for some common good, and not always ‘hung out to dry’….tho’ that, too, can be a meaning. The card suggests the need to surrender to an experience to gain a new perspective; but when reversed can mean one is not only cut off from one’s own best self…but can suggest betrayal and its consequences….especially if seen with the 5 or 7 of swords!


As much as I hate the Pagan Tarot most of the time, I kind of like their Death card…the ghostly fossilized ‘Norn’ images and the candle-lit stone reminds me of my own Labyrinth centerpiece! I rather like the Steampunk image, too…almost evoking Terry Pratchett’s “Susan”! Walker’s stark death is boring, and the Cirque deck is too melodramatic.

When this card comes up, I do not freak unless doing a card “check up” on my son in Afghanistan…but hey, I START out freaked when doing that! Mostly, this card suggests a change that is unavoidable…a “Back on the Anvil to be re-made” sort of message for me.
If other cards are horrid, yes, it can mean physical death; but generally it means a change demanding transformation. Sometimes a failure of a marriage, for instance. The strong suggestion is to go with the flow or else! REversed, it means that change is coming no matter which idea you prefer; and sometimes it means a narrow escape from actual death.


I am sneering at Lil Miss Rainbow Pourer, can you see me? She should apply for work as a bartender at some splashy joint in NYC. Walker again bores me, Steampunk amuses, and I find the Cirque deck very beautiful. This card always screams (moderately, of course), “Get a grip and find balance and compromise! It suggests good management and self-restraint will win the day; at the very worst moments it reminds one to take the Stoic approach of at LEAST maintaining self-control in an impossible situation. It is, somewhat, the ‘learn by trial and error’ card! Reversed, it tells you to drop some of the multi-tasking and let up on competition and rigid ideas of ‘how to do it right’.

15_The Devil

Extra card today, because yes I have been made testy by the heat. The Pagan 2000, the stated purpose of which was to eliminate Christian symbolism? Well, wtf is the Christian DEVIL doing there? Absolutely traditional bit there, compare it to Walker’s…couldn’t they find some other way to symbolize being bound by material desires, or human nature defiled, etc? For instance, Cirque gets material (and carnal) desires perfectly —because if anyone identifying as a Devil looked like THAT dude, I might be inclined to give him a listen! Rawwwrrr! But again, the Steampunk is most evocative for me….the machine overwhelming its makers…representing tyranny and force, and a worship of material over spiritual. When I see this card in my own readings, it tells me I am going against my own best lights in my choices. REversed, this speaks of unavoidable evil and suffering, of Nature’s dark side and people being used as a means to an end.


2 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – July 9th

  1. karen says:

    Hmm. This is the second time Tarot has come up in my personal blog universe this week. I think I shall find my decks. I have an Aquarian deck and… (I have to go find them, hang on!) Ah! A Robin Wood deck. I used to read cards 20 years ago. Thank you for this prod. I have been dreadfully depressed. Maybe this will help.

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