No Thanks To WordPress, I Will Signal Boost


07/09/2013 by syrbal-labrys

My WordPress “like” button only works about one third of the time. This annoys me, since I hate to link to every post I really like, and would rather let them sit in that little column to the right. But oh, well…

I have been vehemently taken to task on occasion, in life and in print at message boards, on journals, etc for criticizing the life many Muslim women are forced to live. How dare I, I am asked, presume that such women are unhappy with their chosen faith and the life they live….after all if the veil material is beautiful, if they have “fashion” burkhas….hey, that is cool, right?

No, it is not cool. The external signs of oppression imposed by religion and male dominance can be as dressed up as you like… is still not ANY sort of freedom. So read it and tell me how free those fashionable veils look now!


6 thoughts on “No Thanks To WordPress, I Will Signal Boost

  1. badtux99 says:

    It’s not even about the religion, in the end. The Koran never states that women must wear the bizarre garb that passes for “Islamic garb”. It merely states that women must “dress modestly” — which, here in the U.S. means business dress rather than a halter top and Daisy Dukes, or a one-piece swimsuit rather than a bikini. So if it’s not about the religion, what’s it about? Uhm… it’s about oppression of women. Duh.

    • syrbal says:

      Precisely….but even the “dress modestly” bit pisses me off to the max since the whole purpose of this modesty is to make women responsible for the lusts of the men.

      Goodness knows, we women couldn’t be making men responsible for their own actions, right?

      • badtux99 says:

        Oh, I certainly agree with that, men have no business telling women what to wear and the only person to blame for rape is the rapist. But my point was that even though the Koran is a patriarchal document, those pushing “Islamic dress” as some restrictive cover-everything garb for women have gone well beyond the calling of their religion. There is a significant difference between “dress modestly” and “dress in this bizarre cover-everything garb that shows no skin at all or else you will be raped as a prostitute with no repercussions”. The latter isn’t because of their religion, the latter is because they’re assholes. Just sayin’.

      • syrbal says:

        No argument here….assholes in religious garb, gee shocking, eh?

  2. E.A. Blair says:

    “…chosen faith…”?

    How many people CHOOSE the first religion (or non-religion) they practice? Most people are born into their first religion. In the case of Christian religions that feature infant baptism, no choice is involved. Ditto for Jews who engage in infant circumcision. Even those Christian cults…er…denominations that have adult baptism, it comes after a childhood and adolescence filled with brainwashing…er…religious indoctrination…er…religious instruction.

    Most of us are born into a religion that is determined by where we are born. My father’s family comes from an ethnicity that was, at one time, almost exclusively Muslim; some of them migrated to European countries with varying degrees of assimilation, including religion. Had my paternal ancestors come from another branch of the clan, or had some of them not come to the US, I might have grown up kissing a prayer rug five times a day* instead of being convinced I was going to hell because I wondered what girls looked like under their bras.

    Face it – if you were born in Saudi Arabia or Iran, chances that you would not be Muslim are near zero. Had you been born in India, you’d likely be either Hindu or Buddhist. If an adult is still a member of the same cult…er…denomination they were born into, choice has nothing to do with it.

    A woman in Saudi Arabia no more chose her religion than I chose to be Catholic as a child. Choice in religion or non-religion is the province of rational adults, and that choice is something that people, women especially, are denied in theocratic countries, and it’s a choice that many people in the United States want to take away**.

    *I once read a quote attributed to Louis Farrakhan: “A man should pray standing up. When you’re on your knees, you’re putting yourself in the perfect position to get a kick in the ass.” If he did say it, It’s one of the few things he ever said with which I agree.

    **In the case you don’t agree with this, go to Wikipedia and look up “Dominionism” and “Christian Reconstructionism”. Then go and look up some of the crazy things Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann said during the 2012 GOP campaign. Go to any news blog and look up Louis Gohmert or any of a number of Republican nitwits. Go see what’s being said on the websites of the NOM, Conservapedia, the Catholic League or World Nuts Daily.

    • syrbal says:

      Believe me, I know about Dominionism. I am making the assumption that some, if not most of the women in question might…just might like to keep Islam as a religion….if the misogynistic male domination could be dropped. And in Islam, btw, there is no “changing faith”….they call it apostasy and consider it a crime worthy of death.

      Personally, I don’t get on my knees at all.

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