Women Have No Ground To Stand?


07/08/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Keep pouringThe trial of Mr. Zimmerman continues, wherein a fully grown armed man asserts he had to use deadly force to “stand” ground that technically was not his, against a teenager armed with iced tea and candy. And the Holy Gun Nuts think he is getting a bad rap.

And yet, in the same state, a woman who did NOT use deadly force is going to jail for TWENTY YEARS. She fired three shots in the AIR when her abusive husband was violating a protection order and continuing to approach her. Maybe she should have just shot the bastard instead? Killing seems to be ok; but shots in the air are called and convicted as “attempted murder”!

Apparently, women have no right to self-defense or ground standing. Gee, Florida, first racism and now sexism…..I am SO impressed.


4 thoughts on “Women Have No Ground To Stand?

  1. Spud says:

    I’m not impressed either ! In my world one may not whup out the gun and plug someone just because you’re getting beat upon with bare hands. At least as a first resort you’d think it necessary to try and fight back with your own fists. I have’nt heard any evidence of this.
    This whole trial has made me reavaluate a few of my friends, as blatent racism is one trait which I don’t tolerate very well.
    That case in South Floriduh with the woman is just plain wrong. In fact I believe firing the warning shots were exactly the right move. Tho the shots should always be fired into the dirt and not the sky…

    • syrbal says:

      Zimmerman fancied himself a neighborhood hero of some kind, a vigilante mentality not suitable to Neighborhood Watch. He approached a boy he was TOLD by police to leave alone, he started a fight and couldn’t finish it so the man shot the boy in a panic and expects to play “scary black kid in a hoodie” to the max. Sadly? It might play…after all a scary scared black WOMAN who didn’t even kill anyone got hammered by the law.

  2. Marcus says:

    As opined by lawmakers in several states, uteri-americans are not capable to make good decisions, so the state must intervene. That goes double for when such one uses a second amendment symbol of manhood. That cannot be tolerated by the patriarchy, and thus must be severely punished.

    • syrbal says:

      Obviously. I’m waiting for the take over of the matriarchy….I personally intend to send a lot of people to their rooms!

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