Chipotles Adobados

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07/08/2013 by syrbal-labrys


I looked at several recipes before I began. I finally devised my own experimental version; the jars are now cooling….and I am wondering if the chiles are still a bit too tough after conversion from the dried state? Every recipe said to rehydrate in hot water for an hour so so…I left them almost twice that long but now wonder if I should have simmered them a bit softer. Nonetheless, here is how I proceeded, in case anyone wants to do the same!

In pan Number One, AFTER rehydrating dried smoked jalapenos — chipotles — a half pound dried weight; as the chiles drain of the water (reserve about 1 to 1 1/2 c of this water), heat up 1 quart of white vinegar and 1/2 c brown sugar. When this is steaming hot, add the rehydrated chiles and let it simmer on low for about the next 20 minutes, stirring to get all the chiles down into the mixture. The sugar is to help the chipotles keep their shape instead of falling apart, btw.

In pan Number Two, warm about a tablespoon of vegetable oil while you chop a good heaping tablespoon of garlic and mince 2 cups of onions. Start garlic and onion cooking in the oil. Cut up 1 c of flame roasted and peeled chile peppers — I used poblanos. Dice 4 large tomatillos, OR 2 large tomatoes and add this to the pot along with 3 or 4 bay leaves, and a handful of fresh oregano, if you like and a bit of pepper and some cumin. You can salt it to taste if you like, generally…since I have vinegar as preservative, I don’t; I don’t like wondering about salt in the recipes I will use this in later. Add the reserved chile water and simmer until everything is tender….about 15 minutes or so. Now, put this in a blender, removing the bay leaves, and puree it to a smooth green mess! Put it back in the pan and add another 2 c. of vinegar. Warm this back up.

By now, your chiles in the first pan should be hot and soft, add the onion-chile-garlic puree and stir well. Reduce to very low heat and let it continue to simmer. Now, wash and sterilize canning jars. Sterilizing the jars in the hot water bath canner also gets that water hot enough to use to can the chipotles adobados!

Turn off the heat under your remaining pan of hot stuff! Use tongs to put two to three of the chiles in each 1/2 pint jar, ladle in sauce to cover; cap with two piece lid making sure the jar mouth is clean so it can seal! I got an even dozen 1/2 pint jars….using the wide mouthed jars is best for convenience. I hot-water bath canned these for ten minutes; with the sufficiency of vinegar, not to mention the anti-bacterial powers of chile peppers, that should be adequate.

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