Sunday Snark


07/07/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Ah, Sunday. The day I most often spend working my ass off so I can do something relaxing on Monday. Yeah, I know, it likely irritates Christians that I don’t even attempt to keep their day “holy”. That is because “their day” is already holey. As in full of holes and contradictions.

The continued screaming about not murdering babies….when talking about a teaspoon worth of non-viable tissue, for instance. But not giving a good damn about the walking, talking, self-willed woman saying “I cannot be a mother right now.” And then, not giving much of a damn about the babies that DO exist, whether they eat or have medical care and whether they have safe homes even if their parents are poor, for instance.

But what really fries me about the “thou shalt not kill” crowd? They mean not anyone we LIKE. You can kill women and get very little jail time. You can kill people of other religions and that is AO-fucking-K. And you can be told to do it even knowing it is wrong, if you are in the military. And if you come back scarred, in mental and physical agony and try to get attention to the issue? Well, Boyo, shut your mouth and by the way, you will go to hell if you opt out of living with the pain and guilt of a nation that preaches one message and LIVES a completely different one. But more and more young men are opting out of living with the mind-fuck that is Christian hypocrisy and a war that makes the military the private militia of the rich. Death is the only mercy, the only escape. Because the lies they were forced to live made this life a hell.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Snark

  1. Rowan says:

    I cannot believe a lot of the comments being left there.

    • syrbal says:

      Yeah, I did not even look. MY head explodes messily…

      • Rowan says:

        Well, somewhere inside here, someone hid an optimist, still hoping for just an iota of decency and sanity, who is under seige by deep cynicism on one side and a husband’s insistance that all people are basically decent when you get down to it. I don’t understand how he can possibly believe that. And I wish I didn’t believe they aren’t.

      • syrbal says:

        That is whatI long believed. I thought decency was the basic standard for all but psychopaths. Either psychopathy is now endemic, or I was bloody wrong! The softest excuse is that people don’t pay enough attention to do the decent thing; the worst is that if it does not affect them directly, they don’t give a damn.

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