Freedoms “From”


07/04/2013 by syrbal-labrys


The morning is quiet and cloudy. No hint of the smells and sounds that could easily evoke memories of street battles that will BE the night tonight. Barbeques and fireworks for America’s “birthday”….and yet more and more it seems that only part of the citizenry is free. Free from fear, free from assault, free from bodily harm, free from unwanted pregnancy, free from outrageous governmental interference with their own bodies…

No, not the part with AR-15s in the hall closet. Seemingly, maybe…just maybe the half that have “guns” of the “fun” sort. Because when a Wall Street Journal reporter describes Claire McCaskill’s efforts to see a convicted rapist actually BE punished as “an effort to criminalize male sexuality,” something in me starts to shake apart. Yes, a grown man, an allegedly civilized man is defending the rape of an alcohol impaired woman (whose ‘sin’ was apparently getting into a man’s car under her own power) as the definition of male sexuality? To BE male is to be a rapist? Funny, when some outraged feminists began to say things like that in the last couple decades, men had hissy fits about the hyperbole. But now a MAN is basically saying it IS normal male sexuality to fire the penile gun at will at any woman who can’t get away? Wow, I am glad McCaskill answered back; but I am shocked and appalled by the necessity.

As Badtux says in the comments on his post about women and defense against rape; women would be accused of being the wrongly pre-emptive strike sorts if they really reacted to the seemingly growing threat of being raped. And the growing threat of possibly being controlled BY their rapist for the rest of their lives in some circumstances….a woman could be prevented from aborting the fetus of a rapist; if she kept the child, the rapist could demand visitation and actually control WHERE and how she lived in this day and age. Yay…back to Biblical marriage by rape? Is that where we have somehow gone in this 21st century?

I’ve been raped. A date rape was MY birthday present on my 20th birthday. When I stopped seeing and dating my rapist, he proposed. Wow, Tess d’Uberville would have been SO happy, right? There were at least three other times in my life when rape seemed likely, I responded with such outwardly apparent will to violence that my would be attacker retreated each time. And yes, as Mr. Badtux, suggested….it does require a rather sociopathic attention to detail and constant state of “threat analysis” to be ready, able, and willing to respond in that fashion to a perceived threat. Men can always say “I was just chatting her up.” Women cannot, AFTER injuring a man, cry rape if it has not, in fact, happened and with sufficient violence to merit her own actions.

So, am I feeling the Independence vibe? Not really. I feel like freedom from a lot of horrors is lacking for women, while freedom TO assault at will and blame the victim is increasing. I feel like the government is turning American women into sexual chattel with the constant presentation of fetal tissue as fully human-rights-worthy beings while the female who can bring forth that life is reduced to being a slave-incubator. No doubt the WSJ asshat would say that I am also being hysterical and hyperbolic.

Well, when this nation tells every male victim of a crime…be it mugging, or robbery…or OMG! Rape! gets told that they brought it upon themselves by having something worth stealing, by advertised their wealth, or because they were wearing THEIR jeans too tight? Yeah, then I will consider whether I am hysterical or well-accustomed to a double standard set up so no woman can win. What I need to feel Independence Day applies to me is not just freedom to vote, but a whole host of freedoms FROM negatives that most of my male co-citizens never have to worry about at all. Till then? A lot of the rape defenders and rape apologists can sit on a freaking sparkler and SPIN!

2 thoughts on “Freedoms “From”

  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    You (especially) have no Freedom From The Patriarchy.

    This is what Rick Perry was speaking of with his push to regulate Women and his comments about their being no Freedom From Religion.

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