Tarot Tuesday – July 2nd


07/02/2013 by syrbal-labrys


Ah, the Hermit. I get this card rather often in personal layouts, and it always says that I need to pull away to some silence to think and listen to MYSELF instead of always hearing others. I’d say any wife or mother getting this card might need a bit of time for herself…and I don’t mean that in a superficial way. All four of my decks keep a fairly traditional image, tho’ the Steampunk deck has a bit of a disturbing post-apocalyptic vibe!
The crystal-topped staff of the Cirque deck makes me giggle a bit scathingly, considering the crystal-topped wand sorts I’ve run into; but it also calls to mind Gandalf, an altogether more practical personage!

I read this as a sign of thinking before acting, the cloak speaks of discretion and humility, it is a card of cautious consideration and solitude to make decisions. If the questioner is asking about romantic life, this would surely mean a time alone without commitment for a while. In reverse, it can mean one is ignoring good advice (even from oneself), reacting in fear or paranoia, or submitting to apathy and paralysis.

If in a layout with the Magician and the Hierophant, these three are called “The Three Magi” and would at least connote especial attention and devotion to detail…if not speaking of some incredible opportunity opening before one, something momentous in life.

10_The Wheel of Fortune
The Pagan 2000 deck hit a rare winner with this one, I actually find the idea of the three Fates/Norns and the spinning Wheel image attractive and evocative. Walker’s is the most traditional with the Cirque deck close behind. And I enjoy the Steampunk rendition with the elements, the astrological signs and planetary influences all seen as a marvelous clockwork of Wyrd or Fate. It speaks to me of larger occurrences taking the driver’s seat from time to time; that every “rise” occasions a “fall” and the surrounding cards may reveal which it is this time. Change IS the norm, learn to work with it, not against it. Reversed, it can tell you that resisting change is your issue; or can mean friends turning against you and ill-luck from unsuspected quarters.


Justice, the other half of our little numerological dispute. Here, the Pagan 2000 deck astonished me with a lack of reach. With numerous pagan pantheons available it forces Diana/Artemis into the role? Please?! Walker seems to diverge from tradition a wee bit, unless I remember wrongly — didn’t the black and white pillars of the temple appear on this card? Scales and blindfolds for all…well, not that Steampunk broad — she wants to SEE, lol! If I see this card, especially if using it (rarely) in a divination before choosing to attempt magical action…it makes me perk up my senses; I MUST strive for fairness and impartial action, literally weigh and judge as I may, as actor, be weighed and judged.

Mostly, this can be read as regarding legal actions…settlements, divorce, criminal charges, even contract marriages (as opposed to ones for love) and reversed it speaks of corruption, injustice, loss as well as conceit and vengefulness. I prefer to present it as an opportunity to restore fairness and balance to whatever sphere of life the other cards direct one’s attention towards.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – July 2nd

  1. Marcus says:

    Is there a source you can recommend for tarot decks and books?

    • syrbal says:

      Not really, mine have mostly come from bookstores…. Where very few let you look at a deck first. As for books, I generally prefer non-deck specific books. And for a number of years, I read in a more generally symbolic method based on the combination of element connotations plus symbolic attributions of numerals.

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