Brilliant at Breakfast: Signal Boost On Ohio


07/02/2013 by syrbal-labrys

cd7JSRZLkU27UEuaKq66Xg2Please to go read the suggestion to send used feminine hygiene products to the male idiots in Ohio, whose new law will criminalize removing an ectopic pregnancy, among other things! I mean, sure, I’m delighted to have an IUD ruled an instrument of murder, (tho’ as Jill says, a gun is NOT!) aren’t you? I mean, this new law makes an UNIMPLANTED egg a full person. But the mother, apparently is NOT.

Makes me wish I was still subsidiZing Kimberly Clarke so I could participate.


5 thoughts on “Brilliant at Breakfast: Signal Boost On Ohio

  1. Rowan says:

    Boosting the signal…

  2. Kiterea says:

    With these full out attacks on all contraception, not just limiting themselves to abortion anymore, I’m just waiting to see where I’m going to be declared a dangerous criminal first.
    See, I’m surgically sterilized. I (strongly) requested doctors to make me unable to have any more children. The catch is, I’m still fertile and if I wasn’t “fixed” I could get pregnant. At 50. Not happening, I don’t care what they say a woman’s “purpose” is.

    • syrbal says:

      Pretty much Jill’s point —send ’em tampons and say “Ok, Hotshot, you tell ME if I killed a holy fetus, ok?”

      Bunch of freaking morons….an unemplanted fertilized egg is dead in the canal so to speak, regardless what any man wants to say.

      • Kiterea says:

        Dang it, I just flushed the last little darling a few days ago. Well, they’ll probably still be crazy next month, lol.

      • syrbal says:

        That is the sad part, isn’t it? This insanity seems to have no time limit whatsoever.

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