Rick Perry, Among Others, Should STFU

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06/28/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Yeah, yeah, I know, First Amendment rights. But honestly, men who shoot their mouths off about women who bear and raise children alone WITHOUT the willing aid of the male who implanted said child should at least get bitch-slapped for speaking of what they know not.

Hey, Perry, count yourself lucky that Wendy Davis merely used HER First Amendment rights to confront a bunch of Levitican misogynists instead of taking a clue from an Austin woman of the 19th century and using cannonballs.

But Perry isn’t the only one whose mouth could use a self-applied strip of duct tape.

Yeah, finally a second-runner up to the undear and lacrimose Mr. Boehner. Oh, my buttery goodness, caught on the horns of dilemma is Ms. Deen? She conducted herself in a way that reminds me of my time in the South in the early 1960’s…a time that STILL inspires such horror that I refuse to live there NOW. “New” South, same as the Old South, and sorry Sugar, coating it in butter doesn’t hide the layer of shit beneath. My “religion” doesn’t require forgiveness. And even when I attempted religion, the one I chose had this most peculiar insistence on a CHANGE OF BEHAVIOR instead of mere words before forgiveness was assumed granted. So, yeah, Ms. Deen…you AND your supporters in whose mouths butter would not melt can also STFU.


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