No Imminent DOMAin!

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06/27/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1patienct wering thingThis topic has been oh-so discussed by my bloggeriffic betters. I love how it was pointed out Scalia’s whining about DOMA falling were the same objections to the Voting Rights Act being disemboweled and he had no issue with THAT. The total load of bullshit of law being defined based totally on your choice of bigotry IS making me loose patience. Line ’em up and I’ll slap ’em, ok?

But mostly, as a panentheistic pagan who doesn’t believe in Cop-Gods peering through bedroom windows and whacking wee-wees? I like THIS comment on the demise of DOMA. I love the idea that the Bible thumpers might actually have to realize that their freedom to practice their religion does not mean practicing it on OTHER people.

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