The Alamo for American Women?

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06/26/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1gop and pro life If I had a hat on, I’d take it off to Wendy Davis of Texas. I know entirely too much of America is tuning out (without even the 60’s fun of turning on!) because we all seem to be running out of coping power; but seriously, the goings on in Texas last night will determine how much more shit will be piled on women EVERYwhere in America.

And DO check out how the big brave male security guards were roughing up little old ladies when ordered to clear the gallery of female citizens trying to see to it their rights were protected. The comments at the link are something else; apparently putting hands on a citizen to forcibly remove her from where she has a legal right to be is aok and it is a dishonest “liberal” posting a “false” picture that is the issue. Course, the women were ordered cleared by Dewhurst…who ignored female Senators, too.

And not only do American women need to attend to affairs in Texas; less than two hours after yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling on voting rights, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott began demanding voter ID. Oh yeah, America….we’ve “changed” alright. Now the asshats want to exclude not only blacks, but anything darker in skin tone than typing paper….can’t be having no more Hispanic vote changing elections. Watch it America! If you are NOT watching Texas, you won’t see what is coming for YOU next!


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