“For Pity’s Sake, Woman, STFU About Being Abused”


06/26/2013 by syrbal-labrys

….otherwise, we will see you made homeless! What, you say, what kind of liberal “lie” am I a-spouting off about now? Well, you see, it kind of works like getting a home security system, in a way. When we got one, we were told if we had ‘false alarms’ that summoned cops, we would be fined heavily. And that if we had more than two ‘false alarms’, the cops wouldn’t come at all…how’s that for “Don’t cry wolf even if it is eating you alive”?

Now, some places in Pennsylvania (where William Penn is spinning like a turbine in his grave) basically decides the way to have no domestic abuse is to tell the victim that calling the cops too many times (THREE times) will get them evicted. Wow, hows about that baseball game, folks? Three strikes and the VICTIM is OUT. Can’t you see the sneering abuser as the woman trembles with her hand on the phone? “Yeah, bitch, call ’em…fucking call ’em and you and your brats will be on the STREETS!”

What the fuck is wrong with people?


2 thoughts on ““For Pity’s Sake, Woman, STFU About Being Abused”

  1. wileywitch says:

    You may be the only human who visits my website.

    It’s amazing how easily institutions— especially state governments, law enforcement and psychiatry— support the abusers. Wish there were some way to cut the Gordian Knot.

    A Texas state senator just filibustered for thirteen hours to keep the state from shutting down most of the clinics where women of little means could get reproductive care in a state with record numbers of poor uninsured people.

    They really hate us.

    • syrbal says:

      I doubt I am the only human; but I may be the only loudmouth, lol! I find in every blog I’ve had….people often clam up about the hard and painful stuff. And yes, I’ve been noting the Texas mess….as I posted about the “Alamo” for American women. Now that we have a road map to how to bust balls on those mean fuckers (Thank you Ms. Davis!) we need to get ON it around the nation. That old mean white guy in charge CAN be fought to a stand-still and beaten; but not by being nice little ‘seen and not heard’ “ladies”….Davis put on a back brace to do her necessary hours of fighting. Armor up ladies….and get them!

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