You Think You Bonfire Well?


06/20/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Happy Midsummer! I promise you, our Solstice fire will be necessarily more modest. I must make plans for food and other appropriate celebratory things as well!

And if you can’t play with fire? Well, how about fun tussling in lakes?


6 thoughts on “You Think You Bonfire Well?

  1. Kiterea says:

    Oops? Loved this so much I showed it to my offspring… now the 12yr old wants one at our community’s Solstice celebration! :/

  2. Sixbears says:

    Great bonfire. Love the tradition, but part of me keeps thinking that the summer bonfire might mean wood shortage and freezing in the winter. It keeps my summer fires more reasonable.

    I’m all about water sports though . . .

    • syrbal says:

      That fire is pallets, those don’t fit in wood stoves. Ours are made here of storm downed wood and salvage. And water? Fresh potable water is going to be the cause of the next generation’s wars.

      • Sixbears says:

        I’m no firewood snob. Very happy to burn free pallets when I can get them.

      • syrbal says:

        Yes, since they are hardwood they are more than satisfactory. But the fact is, most of Scandinavia is not heated by wood heat, specially cities. Even here, where there IS a lot of wood heating? Burn bans forbid it when the air quality drops….unless a household has NO other means of heat. Since the city has my home listed as “electric heat” although we removed all the registers (AND informed the county) back in 1990 as the fire-risks they were, we would still be ticketed if we lit up the fire place during a burn ban.

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