Random Spite


06/19/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I have friends who loved “Sex and the City” and they likewise loved Dolce and Gabbana fashions highlighted there. The idea of a pair of shoes costing more than a small used car offended me.
So, I admit freely, it makes my snark-light glow to see that pair tossed in jail for tax evasion…for not REPORTING a billion Euros income!
Of course, I know I should take that news with a grain of salt; Italian courts convict Americans of murder and scientists are sent to jail for not forecasting earthquakes.

And some news stories read like a Nelson DeMille novel — an accidental plane crash that wasn’t an accident? Say it isn’t so?! Something about that crash never sounded quite right to me.

And Pres. Obama? Shut-up. Just shut-up. You should really not be telling the EU what to do about unemployed youth, when American youth can’t find many jobs that don’t include dying in a sandbox.  Actually, Sir, until your party finds its balls and stops acting like the auxillary to the Rethuglican Party I don’t want to hear much of anything you say….especially since you assert the government’s right to hear EVERYthing I say whether I am talking to you or not. And besides, Barry? You keep saying the surveillance is “transparent”….so why the fucking gag orders? You kind of make me wish I had voted for Jon Huntsman, Dude.

And yes, it is still too soon for a German to steal gold teeth before popping bodies into a crematorium.

And Melissa Etheridge? Babe, I love your music, but you also should shut up. Saying that Angelina Jolie’s choice to cut off her tits was not brave, but fearful is talking some shit. Trust me, it ALWAYS takes courage to have a body part cut off. And that new age shit about cancer only being caused by “acidity”… let’s see how that plays to families of women who died, ok? Oh, well, I wanted more CDs to hang to scare birds out of the berry patch, right?

1walmart emloyeesAnd Walmart? You fucks! Leader of the fucking pack of the businesses that would be making serfs of the American work force, aren’t you? Doing it one better, I’d say….old fashioned feudal “lords” knew they, themselves, had to feed and ‘keep’ their serfs…you asshats get the rest of us to do it for you.

And oh, Spite? You want stone cold spite….here’s your Babe! ROFLMAO!


2 thoughts on “Random Spite

  1. Rowan says:

    You need to add this one to the random spite. Or maybe it’s not so random.


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