Without Bees


06/18/2013 by syrbal-labrys


Understocked market, you say? No, that could be what it looks like if bees continue to fail. One bit of that article, however, confused me as a former beekeeper…they mentioned it would help if queen bees could have multiple mates; this cracked me up. Last I checked the queens were not monogamous…they fly on mating flights and are pursued by dozens if not hundreds of drones and mate with several, one after the other. The drones die…the queen flies home to her hive storing all she will need to fertilized eggs for life!


2 thoughts on “Without Bees

  1. eldri says:

    I have known that about queen bees, since I was ten—what rock were they raised under?
    ( or are there bee-keepers who *somehow* control the mating flights, so no outside drones compete?)
    ……went and read the Link, apparently, there Are-

    • syrbal says:

      I know some idjits are running up the price by artificially inseminating some queens, but hey hubristic stupid is still stupid, right?

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