Things I Cannot UN-Read


06/18/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I am a feminist, ok? I don’t care how many other feminists disown me because I am also a humanist who considers men to be people with the same blend of mixed motivations and reason or lack thereof as females of the species. I do not, for instance, consider consensual sex between a he and a she rape “by definition” because “penetration” occurs, for instance and consider that a ragged fucking fringe idea. I admit, I also get a real pain with ideas sometimes referred to as “victim feminism” because it seems to feed a helplessness that I don’t approve of for EITHER gender. And it makes the males the automatic villains, which troubles me because, oh, I don’t know…something about “innocent until proven guilty” gods-damn-it.

But all that said? Sometimes I DO completely understand the reason feminists and others just throw up their hands and say “Oh, fuck it, men SUCK and not in a good way.” Because when an allegedly normally intelligence endowed man wants to make abortion illegal after a certain stage because he believes the male fetus is capable of masturbation at that point? Yeah…hand me my Amazon gear and put up walls. I despair, I tell you, I despair. (Tho’ the hilarious snarky comments at that post almost make me dare to hope again!)


4 thoughts on “Things I Cannot UN-Read

  1. Brina says:

    They need to be born so we can tell them to stop doing that.


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