Oh, Comcast?


06/18/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1thou are a douvhe Gee, Comcast/Xfinity, trying to make sure their dear customers can have a wi-fi hotspot ANYwhere at all as they roam America….by making MY paid-for wi-fi into a free accessible hotspot to any other Comcast customer seeking one. I should be happy to share, right?
And yet, I am not. Comcast is unfortunately my only choice out here in rural/suburban hell to get internet and it is far from my idea of affordable. And I don’t necessarily trust them to say it will not affect my signal; they already don’t really deliver what they promise in terms of constant speeds and access.

I also doubt too many folks will be trying to jump onto my signal…it isn’t as if I have any motels or cafes nearby. Just one more reason to hate the hell out of Craptastic Comcast and wait with even more baited breath to change providers if another one should ever appear.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Comcast?

  1. Marcus says:

    I switched from Cox to Century Link months back, after my bill went up (again). Paying less for more internet – go figure! I bought a hotspot from freedompop for a friend w/o internet. Runs off Sprint network, since email and light facebooking are the the only internet activities, less than 500MB data/month is used, so access is almost free (hotspot was $46). We’re both happy with our internet access (for now), but I still sort of wish I lived in a city with Google Fiber. (/#First World Envy)

    • syrbal says:

      My son had Cox when he was in Virginia; he thought it was named correctly (by sound). Century Link, iirc, is a phone line set-up and we don’t have a hard-line phone anymore. It is the allegedly evolved phone bit here now, last time we had dial -up we routinely wanted to commit murder. When our internet was bad, the internet folks blamed the phone people; the phone people blamed the internet folks and nothing was ever resolved.

      I feel too scattered with other life issues to fight the good fight for cheaper, better internet just now. It is on the distant horizon agenda…

      • Marcus says:

        Just for a hit of tech-lust, check out the speed/pricing of Google Fiber. Utah and Texas are the next two states which will have a city hooked up, but I can’t see myself moving to either in this lifetime. Nor the next…

      • syrbal says:

        Yeah….just looking at the prices for basic…it is almost the same as what I currently pay for BOTH Craptastic and Direct TV. And yeah, there is nothing on television OR the Internet that would induce me to live in Texas OR Utah.

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