Beauty Breaks to Start the Week

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06/17/2013 by syrbal-labrys

I missed my Friday Five because my weekend’s yard tasks began on Thursday. So, hey, what the heck…let’s dive into a pool of beauty to begin the week, instead of reading depressing news!

tom-eckert-wood-cloth-sculptures-hyperrealistic-12 “Wooden” is a pejorative attached to bad actors. But none of the objects produced by Tom Echert deserve to be so denigrated! My own skill with wood would be limited to the bit at left….I can paint or stain it, little else! Such incredible delicacy makes the mind feel like any of those bits of diaphanous fabrics seen at the link will float away on the next breeze….and take one’s weary mind with it.


And THESE bring new meaning to the wood-working term “chipwork”! I am not a person for intricate detail, I am strictly a throw/move/shove heavy objects sort; so such painstaking dedication takes my breath away.

And I recycle in ways I often consider somewhat artful, likely to the despair and eye-covering horror of my rather uptight banker neighbor. But I am an amateur piker compared to an artist who can make old tires look this good!animals-made-from-tires-by-yong-ho-ji-1 That is seriously taking the recycling “bull” by the horns, is it not? I admit, old tires fascinate me; I’ve heard of them being made into roofing tiles —admittedly waterproof, but dangerously toxic if caught afire. But it seems this is being reconsidered as an eco-friendly idea!

I sadly, shame-facedly admit that my only efforts at using the CDs that arrive as ads in my mailbox is to hang them up as sparklies to scare birds out of the berry patch. Not only was it not at all artful, but it didn’t sufficiently impress the birds, either. Maybe if I’d had an owl made like this?animal-sculptures-made-from-shattered-cds-sean-avery-3 I feel inadequate in inventiveness, but I am happy to be in a world where such creative people exist and can see the beauty to be derived from every day bits and pieces. I am pretty sure several of these sparkly flying things WOULD scare birds out of the berry patch!

porcelain-figures-high-speed-photography-as-they-smash-drop-to-ground-shatter-klimas-8 I have been known, in times of great stress and emotional turmoil, to break glass and porcelain…usually cheap teacups and the like, from thrift stores. I really need to consider being more artistic, don’t you think? I mean…at long last a really good purpose for those cheap dollar store figurines! Now…to capture one of the family photographers for that idea…..

All of these delights (and more) were found at what has become my favorite mental health break site: The Twisted Sifter!


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