This Here Security State Makes Me Insecure


06/12/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Eye - BackAll the things Americans do for security, eh? Locks on doors, locks on gates, dogs, guns….and yet, when your little spider senses are a-tingle and the pictures on the walls are shaking from helicopters so low overhead, do you really feel better? Does the ever more “all-seeing” eye (and NOT the one on the pyramid on the paper money) actually keep anyone safer?

I for one can tell you quite certainly “NO!”

I live in a semi-rural, semi-suburban neighborhood of Pierce Fucking County, Washington. We know there is crime out here, and there have been murders and even cop shootings within a few minutes drive of us. Domestic abuse cases result in killings here. And that asshat who blew/burnt up himself and his children did it about 6 minutes from my house. So, we keep a good watch. Our doors are usually locked even in daylight. We have a big attentive German Shepherd and a shotgun. We put away metal tools and garage the cars to the extent of the garage space we have.

So, last night, sitting in my Haven watching Netflix on my computer, I caught a shadow in peripheral vision…coming off the patio from the back door of the main house. Thinking it was my son exiting, I turned my head to look…and saw nothing. I got up and went to look through the French doors…still nothing. I walked out my back door and then heard the house back storm door slam. My son came to ask me if I had been at the back door because the dog just raised holy hell hitting the back door like a Cujo out-take. While the dog quartered the yard, with her hair all up, we stood in the yard discussing what I thought I saw. And then a helicopter flew over, barely over the trees and with a searchlight on and bright….it was just dusk as it happens.

We were all getting ready for bed, we locked up securely and shut the lights off. For the next two hours I listened to dogs going off all around us. At one a.m. the helicopter went over again, low and relatively slow.
And yet, no news this morning on radio, television, or internet. Calling the Pierce County Sheriff’s to inquire and report a possible attempt to get into my house got me a short polite lecture on their need to tell me nothing due to “privacy concerns”. Right.

Sure. Privacy concerns. Now isn’t that a fucking laugh? NSA can read my emails, listen to my phone calls, track my credit card usage, but the fucking local cops cannot tell me if some bad guy is loose in my neighborhood and what the threat level of THAT might be? Right. Can’t be violating the privacy of criminals being hunted by helicopter, now can we. Can’t be telling the average citizen paying the gas bills for said helicopter wtf his/her money is being spent on, right?

But, psssst? Any of your criminals reading this blog? The Pierce County Sheriff’s website lets me look up crime statistics by address. My area claims virtually no crime aside from one robbery in the whole last year.
Well, gee, why am I unbelieving? Possibly because I’ve had neighbors suffer vandalism, gas theft, metal theft, and various animal issues within the last three months. They don’t call the cops because it does NO FUCKING GOOD. The tendency out here is to sic’ the dogs on you or shoot you. And that is what a cop, speaking off the record, TOLD us to do.

So, hey, NSA? Could you please monitor some real CRIMINAL INTENT phone calls or fucking something?


7 thoughts on “This Here Security State Makes Me Insecure

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    What a condescending attitude! You don’t have a “need to know” when it’s your safety on the line?

  2. Bukko Canukko says:

    They’ll tell you what they think you need to know. What they want you to do is STFU and obey any order from a man with a badge. I was going to say “in uniform” but so many of the fcukers aren’t even wearing those any more because that makes them easier to spot for the crims. And the U.S. is FULL of crims these days. Another reason I’m glad I’m living in that nation a bit north of you. We got gangsters up here, too, but the mainly murder each other, not us civs.

  3. Wow. Sounds just like the Joburg suburbs! I guess globalisation means we all suffer similarly.
    Joburg is famous for the 2-electric-fence, 20-ft-wall, armed-security-on-call, plus guns and dogs style of householding.
    We keep it minimal at our place – and we’ve got good at thinking like criminals. Hence no electric fences, a modest 6ft wall, and two human-loving companion dogs. No guns in this house.(But swords and knives are in good supply). We do have a camera system, but mostly because we love tinkering. We rely on good relations with the neighbours, and it works well.
    Terri in Joburg

    • syrbal says:

      So glad you replied to a post here. I cannot do the same at your blog anymore….since it sends me to a page to sign in with a google ident, which I do not have. Blogger…being owned by Google, you see….somehow on your blog it seems apparently only to accept google comments.

      I wish sometimes that I had a six foot wall.

  4. Brina says:

    Silly Cyn. Everyone’s a criminal now. And also not a criminal. So, like, Schrödinger’s Criminal or something.

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