It Really Is Time…(Edited for more bile!)


06/12/2013 by syrbal-labrys

1cuking lady …for men to drop their cocks and grab their socks….to stand forth to stand UP to other males scarcely deserving the title “men” because they continue a fucking war on women and their rights. Because when a Democrat announces that he intends to cut a section of a defense bill that aims to curb sexual assault in the military, it is seriously time to knock some heads together. And a pox on that bastard’s house, too — oh what the hell, Mr. Levin? I hope YOUR cock falls off and is run over by a tank driven by a female trooper.

Of course, this quote from that link —“If word gets out that the military justice system is not properly attentive to these cases, military personnel will vote with their feet,” said Eugene R. Fidell, who teaches military justice at Yale Law School.” proves that Yale hires morons. Is this nitwit under the impression that the military rape culture is NEW? It has been going on ever since women began being IN the military and frankly, if anything…I think it is a contributing reason why some sorts of males JOIN the military to begin with; and someone might mention to Mr. Fidell that military contracts do not allow pissed off, pissed on assaulted women to merely “vote with their feet”. Apparently he is operating under the impression that voluntary service means there are better choices out there in the economy? And the Rude Pundit addresses the asshats who think women should stay out of the military or BE raped.

And lest any reader with no intention of military service be nodding off in boredom, feeling safe that their wives, daughters, sisters will never have to face the results of such gutless subservience to a rape culture?
Take a look around this country, where in any state house that the Rethuglicans hold both houses, women’s rights to reproductive choice and care is under constant attack. Since they are taking their lead from the Religious Wrong Right, the first people to be firmly gotten under choke chain leash ARE women. You won’t have to join a church to be forced to submit.

Just ask the 13 year old being slut shamed after choosing not to abort her rapist’s child. Or ask why the man who outed the Steubenville rapists will get more time in jail than the rapists. Or ask the women who cannot get an abortion what happened to their lives….because that IS what the GOP and their Bible Thumpers want for American women.

So, yeah, it is time for men to stand up for the women in their lives; our government has already stopped listening to us.


6 thoughts on “It Really Is Time…(Edited for more bile!)

  1. Marcus says:

    The military was been handing out ‘Morals Waivers’ to applicants for decades. We are not talking Arlo Guthrie style W bench for non conformity. We’re going for more serious misconduct, and have even increasing the number of waivers since 2003. Not saying these folks are the problem, since it has been going on for all these years, but I wonder if the incidence rate has increased with the increase in waivers (and wars). The response by both Congresscritters and the Military makes me wonder if these folks have a clue as to the effects of rape. It’s not like a knee scrape, which will heal. It is with the person for their lifetime. They should treat it as such, and not just another infraction.

    • syrbal says:

      Yes, both my sons told me that the military was taking damned near any warm body they could get since 9-11 and the wars following began.

      And it shows. Not only in obscured rape statistics, but other morale issues….increases in suicides, and a lot of AWOL troops not being punished at all if they just get their asses back in a reasonable amount of time.

      Wars with no real exit in sight, and unclear goals (if the goal was getting bin Laden…he is GOT, for pity’s sake!), and every war? We leave thousands of pretty much forgotten men behind to “maintain” some sort of American hegemony?

  2. Rowan says:

    I was just reading about what Scott Walker is up to in Wisconson now. S.O.B.

    Men won’t stand up for women – they’re not women. It’s not their rights being trampled. And however disturbed they tell us they are about all of this for their mothers, their wives, their daughters, they are too cowardly to do anything until it *does* happen to them. Hard to have any faith in the ordinary man.

    Sorry – too angry to rant coherently.

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