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06/10/2013 by syrbal-labrys

You know how I bitch and moan about white guys getting away with murder, literally? Well, someone does it better than me…so go take a point! And people wonder why I get cynical fits?

And another week, another shoot-’em-up to celebrate our 2nd Amendment right-to-die? Christ on a cracker, people….we need a fountain of sanity, not more ammunition.

Democrats like me are pissed at Obama; Rethuglicans are horrified that he does George Bush one better. But with all those snazzy spy-on-your-won powers, what happens when we get a REAL asshat in office?

And again, the Taliban murders…children this time (again); can we get the fuck OUT of that shit-stained country, please?

And, yes, DUH….we spy on EVERYone. Come on, you aren’t REALLY shocked, are you? Gee, do you think your name and data will be given to the Mormons so they baptise you after death? (Uh-oh, the Snark Pony has the bit between her teeth!)

And people wonder why I get anti-social and want to be a hermit!


2 thoughts on “Category: “Nuff Said”

  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Well, thanks for the link syrbal. The Gun Lobby have benefited from an Out of Sight, Out of Mind mentality when it comes to the barrage of gun deaths, NDs and tragic killings related to guns.

    The reason Gun Nuts get agitated and aggresive is when you begin to highlight the consequences of our Gun Drenched Society in real terms for people to understand it changes their placid acceptance to questioning and the more people request laws to curb them.

    • syrbal says:

      And don’t I know it; sadly, they seem to snow a lot of pretty nice people in the process. I grew up with a mentally ill, alcoholic father who threatened us with guns. Nobody ever suggested denying my father his guns, instead, they suggested he merely drink less. Terrific…cause his aim was better when he was sober!

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