Friday Five, June 7th


06/07/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Finding five things that made me smile was not easy this week. I feel like crap on a stale cracker. Too much work and fighting an infection to boot, I feel like crawling under my bed. And there are so many MORE things that have made me want to tear my hair out than make me smile. Anyhow…

(1) Like many things that boggle minds, the key to translating Linear B, as it turns out, really was mostly a woman’s work.

(2) And look, bared breasts and NO Earthquake resulted! (Yes, that is a snark shot at the Moslem cleric who once declared immodest dress in women caused earthquakes…I’d give him that if he agreed it was only Ma Nature trying to unbutton HER shirt!) And there is more, note how tickled Putin looks…maybe another form of protest would work better on him? And I am LIKING the German feminists!

(3) Adoro-kitty! Yes, I AM that easily amused.

(4) Cheerio, Cheerios! For standing by your ad and telling racist pukes to fuck off!

(5) And this one? A good thing, but also, slightly crushing to consider. Hearts for children….who would ever know so many were needed?

(6) Edited in a late bonus! A fast revenge story! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Friday Five, June 7th

  1. Rowan says:

    I saw the Cheerios commercial a couple days ago and thought, “how cute!” When I saw the controversy about it yesterday, I was surprised. Seriously? I’m really glad the Cheerios folks didn’t cave.

    More women decoders! Yay!

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