Deflowered, Is It?


06/07/2013 by syrbal-labrys

b&w rhodyI’ve been a bit political light of late; I am trying to float away on boatloads of physical work to keep my mind from unhinging every time something goes “Boom!” in Afghanistan —where my youngest son is located right now. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention. But in that paying attention? I have to say I seem to be in the minority.…because I’ve been screaming blue bloody murder about the Patriot Act ever since it was enacted. And I was told I was …oh, let’s see, the list is boringly long: paranoid, panicky, a stupid communist democrat, a terrorist-lover, a traitor, too innocent to understand the risk (excuse me, I used to WRITE the fucking reports to the NSA about the REAL Communists —you know, the ones with the other BOMB?! Innocent I am not.)….but you get the gist of it.

And all that, during Bush’s Administration of the downfall of Western Civilization, thank you. Now I get it from my alleged own party because Obama has made all the fear-mongering security theater/police state actions his very own. And some elected bitch sniping that “It’s called protecting America.” isn’t going to mollify me at all. It was called fear-flogged police state bullshit when George Bush did it and it is STILL called that, but with more obscene adjectives NOW. And now? Now that a black man is using the overseer’s whip created by his predecessor, the Rethuglicans are waking up all appalled and such.

Well, I got news for you now-oh-so-alarmed sorts JUST now reading that Verizon is turning over phone records of perfectly harmless American citizens because the government CAN legally demand it now. You are all screaming like the prom queen who wakes up with her dress over her head….hey, YOU drank the fear-spiked punch, baby…and like the Rude Pundit says, that virgin was long ago deflowered.

The only thing I can add? If you think the government is merely interested in protecting you from foreign terror, you are still slurping spiked kool-aid. Wake up and smell the REAL fear, America. Your government is afraid of YOU. You, the dumbed down populace used to a nice comfortably decadent-by-world-standards life that you are finding impossible to maintain as the 1 % empty more and more of the national larder into their private lock boxes. Your government is afraid of you, who don’t give a shit about whether women are forced to bear rapists’ babies or children of incest as long as you can keep your guns. Your government fears whether you will turn into the rabid hyena religious nutjobs wearing teabags for earrings and screaming about the Baby Jeebus when you storm through hospitals looking for pregnant whores to pillory or beat up the Wiccan kid at school.

Because here is the straight shot: politicization of politics is poisonous shit. The crap that has been going on here with increasing vehemence is the same crap that went through the Mideast like a dose of salts clear back in the ’70’s….and the fact that it wears Christian drag instead of an Islamic headscarf changes none of the venom. It is the same religion-poisoned “save us Gawwwd” crappola that swept Europe when the plague harrowed villages in the Middle Ages…..while Jews were murdered in their ghettos; it’s the same toxic slime wielded by power mongers to send armies off to plunder Jerusalem AND Constantinople (a CHRISTIAN citadel) in the Crusades.

So, yeah, the government’s Puzzle Palace is going to check out your phone calls, your credit card spending, your internet data and all that….because they want to KNOW just how dangerously crazy and religiously rabid you are getting under the demogoguery of the Holy Second Amendment while the rest of the Constitution is being used to wipe rich asses. And for myself? I am going to remember that we all have the Rethuglicans and their Tea-partying pals to thank for this shit, but my “own” party played along cause they were afraid of being called “traitors” for defending the Constitution. And all the religious posturing….well, I hate, fuck that, I LOVE to remind you all, the last time religion ran the world, they called it the Dark Ages.


2 thoughts on “Deflowered, Is It?

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    That’s not even counting the data-mining being conducted by corporations, the NSA has got nothing on Google and Facebook.

    That being said, I wonder who the poor NSA schlub who had to read my Yukon Cornelius/Abominable Snow Monster slashfic was.

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