Well, So Much For Burning Off Fingerprints…


06/03/2013 by syrbal-labrys

The Supreme Court took a big step today….saying that taking DNA swabs is just like taking fingerprints or photos upon arrest, and no big deal.

I am torn. I see their point, I mean, your fingerprints (if you are ever arrested) stay in the system, too.
Thus the fictional trope, and one assumes occasionally actual, burning off fingerprints to keep from being linked to past accusations and/or crimes. DNA is harder to change, of course. However, DNA is not impossible to counterfeit….or plant to frame someone else. Just as fingerprints can be successfully left to falsely accuse someone, one assumes we will all have to be very careful about DNA residues now.

Remember in the movie “Hannibal” how he carefully wiped his wineglass lip clean? It really is the mundane side of old magical dictums about not leaving anything linked to yourself around….no fingernail clippings, no teeth, no hair that enemies can get to use against you. Truth IS becoming SO much stranger than fiction.

‘Course, for me? The real shocker is that Tony Scalia was AGAINST it!


2 thoughts on “Well, So Much For Burning Off Fingerprints…

  1. Yep, just another little nail in the coffin, another data base for your personal information to be stored in for future reference, another way for Big Brother to remember you.

    You weren’t using that reasonable expectation of privacy anyway.

  2. Sixbears says:

    The police state marches forward. Remember, everything Hitler did was legal too.

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