Sunday Snark


06/02/2013 by syrbal-labrys

science Come on, Humanity…grow the fuck UP, stop waiting on the God-Cop/Doc to stop the abuses of your fellow humans or cure their illnesses, or feed the hungry or end the wars. Realize that we PEOPLE are all we’ve got and get on fucking TASK.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snark

  1. Marcus says:

    At times I really wonder how we got as far as we have as a species…George Carlin noted that if you tell folks an invisible man made the world and everything in it, they’ll nod their heads in agreement, but if you show them something with a ‘wet paint’ sign on it, they want to touch it to make sure…

    • syrbal says:

      Carlin had many good points, didn’t he? Me? I don’t believe much of anything that I have not experienced directly in one way or another….so, yes, at some point, I touched the paint, too. But that “prove it” mentality applies to my spiritual life as well…I don’t believe anything THERE because I am told to do so, either. I believe what has been directly demonstrated for me, and not much else.

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