Adventures in Fail…..And A ‘Sammich’

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06/01/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Want a sammich? I needed some comfort food yesterday after slaving unsuccessfully over a hot oven!
Yesterday was intended to be semi-restful, an indoor day. I had more than two dozen huge goose eggs in the fridge. I could make the Jolly Green Giant an egg sandwich, eh? The grown “children” don’t eat goose eggs, The Girl says she is allergic. I can’t imagine why that would be, but I do my best to use the eggs myself.

So, I decided to bake. I wanted to use up some gluten free flour I had mixed up that the girl who says she has gluten issues had not used; I hate throwing costly ingredients away. So I got out my Joy of Cooking and found a recipe for “Letter Cookies” made with egg yolks. I made up a batch and a half of dough, using the yolks of five goose eggs …easily the equal of ten chicken egg yolks. I used TruVia sugar replacement. The Minotaur is avoiding sugar even though his blood sugar is hanging at 85. I didn’t want to make letters, so I rolled the dough out with a “speculatis” cookie roller and then knived them into little squares, sprinkled them with real cinnamon sugar and baked them. Passable, but not really sweet. I don’t care what they say about the TruVia “sugar replacement”…it does not bake like sugar.

Then I made a chocolate angel food cake with the whites. I tried another sugar replacement for only part of the sugar…PureVia, it was called. It tasted better than TruVia, not so bitter. But the cake fell and is a round chocolate sponge with a hole in the center. Yuck. So NOT a sugar replacement.

I made MORE cookies, again using PureVia because the cake was still in the oven and I didn’t know how lousy it was going to be yet. I made chocolate peanut butter spirals. They looked great. And had NO fricking flavor at all. I swear, not the least bit of sweetness. The Minotaur swears they are alright; I think he is being kind to me.

So, in frustration and with a cupful of egg whites to use, I made an ordinary white cake with real sugar and real cake flour. (And a whole ‘nother big cake to freeze for later!) And fell back on a comfort food of old. I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich CAKE! The peanut butter is an icing and the jelly is home made strawberry jam. I can’t wait till the children come home from Portland later today so we can EAT it. Fuck sugar-free! I sampled some of the cake and leftover icing and it was good. I used more leftover icing to fill those boring spiral cookies to see if there was any salvage possible. But really, all I care about is cake!
PB & J

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