We Use Less and Less…


05/30/2013 by syrbal-labrys

….wheat in this house. Unlike the Japanese, I am not merely worried about genetically modified wheat. I do not have a gluten intolerance, nor celiac disease. But the more bread I eat, even that I bake myself, the worse I feel. But then, wheat has been changed to make the stalks stand up easier for machine harvest…and it isn’t really the same thing it was in my youth. I AM allergic to barley, and most all-purpose flours have barley mixed in, so for a long time, I thought THAT was why I got sick.

Instead, now, I am focusing on the wheat itself being too altered. This doesn’t mean I avoid all breads and such. I still eat pasta and notice no dire results, I suspect because the semolina and durum wheats are more old school, perhaps? And I’ve began to bake with spelt…another older type wheat-like grain. I also keep a corn and potato free gluten free flour mixture on hand to use….specially since the Girl-Person has some kind of wheat issue. I need to work on what I use to make my traditional ‘white’ milk gravy….none of the substitutes satisfy me. But I guess a bit of gravy now and then won’t kill me! I only make it occasionally; my brown gravies are more often now thickened with home made gingersnaps (spelt made) or with pureed carrots and onions.

The weekend looms large and the youngsters are gone tomorrow. I intend to use a host of rich goose eggs up making gluten free cookies with the yolks and then angel food cakes with the whites….for that I will use a soft white cake flour, which also seems to never bother me.

And the house will be scented with vanilla and cinnamon and lavender sugar atop cookies lower in sugar (stevia!) and high in rich egg yolks and coconut fat instead of butter. And over it all, a scent of iris flowers….I am stewing nearly spent blossoms to make INK! So cooking for both tummy and craft…a kind of bliss will over-lay the weekend’s outdoor work this week.


4 thoughts on “We Use Less and Less…

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    But then, wheat has been changed to make the stalks stand up easier for machine harvest…and it isn’t really the same thing it was in my youth.

    You and I, we made no suicide pact, we didn’t want to die,
    But we watch the wall, little darling, while the chemical trucks roll by.
    This senseless imitation, now, of innocence, the last few days at Jonestown ain’t got nothing on this

  2. Brina says:

    I know several people who can eat semolina but not hybridized wheat (and have a variety of reactions when eating the latter).

    My problem with wheat and other grains is a {cough} mechanical difficulty. 😉

    • syrbal says:

      That is what barley (and beer) does to me in spades. It is not the only reaction I get from the hybridized wheat, but it is one of them.

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