Can We Call Them Terrorists Now?

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05/30/2013 by syrbal-labrys

The rabid gun nuts, that is? Because, you know, when you start sending letters spiked with ricin to people who are FOR gun control and simple things like adequate background checks, hey, I think you’ve crossed a fucking line.

Legally? There is no issue with calling such individuals “terrorists” since they ARE in fact doing something to cause harm, fear, AND a change in a political agenda. What? You didn’t know that is within the legal definition to call someone a terrorist and arrest them without any further evidence? Well, yes, welcome to the post-Patriot Act life in America, ok? So now? Instead of racially/religiously profiling every guy with dark hair, liquid eyes and a Semitic nose and a name that sounds Mid-Eastern? Could we go after some of the crazy fucks who actually DID something deadly wrong?

Yes, I’d like to see the word “terrorist” applied to someone who has actually done something terrible and terrifying….even if their skin is white and they love the Baby Jesus. And guns, even if they love guns.


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