The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves


05/28/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Well, the weekend is over. As Hannibal would say, “Yum.” I am about as enthused as that Tabby Terrorist looks.

I keep forgetting what century it is. Possibly this is because our politicians keep partying down like it is…oh, I don’t know 1287 or so? I mean prisons for profit share much with debtors prisons of the 18th and 19th centuries…you could see where my internal clock gets confused. And then, when they don’t QUITE brand criminals (well, outside of Saudi Arabia, that is), but find a way to make sure they go on suffering forever…what with trying to starve them. Oh, such “Christian” Americans….I mean, since this is the country where we have folks who want to refuse burial to certain criminals, can crow cages be far behind?

But that’s ok, right? After all, the American pressure cooker (no pun in the Boston bombing intended) has its safety valve because we still have our gun rights, yes sirree.

But then again, since “Gawd” is punishing the sins of the faithful, even children with tornado death, we might REALLY think we are backwards in time. Well, some might. It makes me think that “Gawd” is about as crazy as Hannibal Lector…who, btw, rightly pointed out that “He” certainly enjoys killing people. One thing about those horrid old pagans? If they/we had a deity fond of slaughter, we SAID so and didn’t call him a “loving father”….yep, surely might be fucked up, fucked over, and all….but it wasn’t the MIND-fuck that Christianity is.

Because, of course, here in America our “heroes” are not the ones we allegedly remembered yesterday…but SPORTS heroes. Even in high school, we are all trained to love those muscle bound puerile putzes manly boys who could throw a ball through a hoop or carry it downfield or knock it out of the park. And just to be sure everyone who could NOT do those things knew better than think their BRAINS might be important, they bullied all the non-cool kids. Well, gee, how did that work out for you aging asshats still wearing letter jackets, eh?

And the American Way, more and more, is an ever more crooked road that screws workers and now? Employers, too!

And the war on walking uteri women goes on, especially on women literally imprisoned, because hey, those sluts done screwed up, right? So all you females of fertile age should take note and basically avoid ANYthing you might like unless some man tells you it is ok. Otherwise? Your society might have to make a bad example of you, cause everyone knows that you are worth nothing compared to any possible fetus you might carry!

And on that sarcasm overdose…I end my little rant. I did mention when my son left for Afghanistan last month that sanity might be slipping from my grip….I had no idea any attempt at civility would go right along with it.


2 thoughts on “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

  1. Sixbears says:

    I’ve used that saying . . .

    I had such a strange time in High School. Me, a big strong guy who played a mean game of chess. Never had interest in team sports. Seemed silly to me.

    But back to the days of dying empires. Politicians and other “leaders” longing for the old traditional days that never were. In a crazy time, the sane are punished.

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