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05/27/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Samhain Walk

I am not here posting on this Monday morning. Perhaps I am lying in bed next to my husband, a veteran of Viet Nam, now finally seeking help at the VA Hospital for his PTSD. Perhaps I am in the kitchen making coffee cake for my veteran son, as he hobbles painfully on the wrecked knees that ended his military career. Perhaps I am looking through a photo album for me in uniform, and thinking about those I served with in the good old “Cold” War. Perhaps I am grimly worrying about my youngest son, in Afghanistan….hoping he lives to be an embittered veteran like the three of us here.

Because today is NOT about those of us who survived military service to bitch another day. Nor is it the day to switch closets and shoes out to ‘summer’ mode. And no, it isn’t for a drunken BBQ party either….we did a non-drunken party to celebrate my veteran son’s college graduation on Saturday. And I am worrying, where ever I am, as whatever reader drops in to read this. Because I don’t know when this damned set of wars at the end-of-empire phase will ever end. How many more names, in my lifetime, will I walk around that Labyrinth in the dusk at end of day? Will I ever be able to let clover bury those stones in leafy green metaphor? (Did you know 4 leaf clovers were ‘lucky’ because they allegedly held the luck to avoid press gangs grabbing men for military service?)

And if we don’t stop making war to enrich already full pockets? We could run out of highways to name for fallen troops. And where ever I am as this post auto-appears? I am angry and sad all at once; bracing for more grief and shattering that comes at the knockings on doors around the country. And for what? For WHAT Sen. Coburn, you asshat? How DARE you say “This war is going to continue“!

6 thoughts on “Memorials Yet Unmade – Canned Post

  1. I hear the politicians talk about spending “blood and treasure”, and we all have seen plenty of video of the blood, even more so for the civilians “in the way”. But don’t people realize that all these injuries of mind and body will have to be paid for by medical insurance for the rest of their lives? How much do you think That will cost? And it is all because one politician has a hard-on against another political leader with a hard-on. I think they should just personally fight it out one on one mano-y-mano and save the countries youth. On the PBS Newshour ever Friday eve they have a silent roster with pictures of those killed this week, and it just makes me sick in my stomach and cry. I am old enough to remember the same on the old big 3 original news stations during Vietnam, very sobering.

    • syrbal says:

      Yes, my husband was in Vietnam, and I am a veteran of that era. And yet we still are all asking, where did all the flowers, young men and money go?!

      • Well then i want to personally thank you all for your service to our country, despite the motivations of our leaders and the politics therein.
        Hey, i keep forgetting to say i love your left should tat of the sigil of Babalon with all the serpents. I have 33 tats and many of them are snakes too, lol.

      • syrbal says:

        You and the country are welcome for my service, personally, I think all Americans should perform national service of some kind.

        As to the tattoo…yes, the seven pointed star is for the Great Mother, I usually call her Kybele. The seven petal’d rose inside is for Hekate. The four emblematic serpents represent the four elements….coming up my left arm.

  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It’s about time that we used the State Department for foreign affairs rather than the DoD.

    I have two brothers serving, both did multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope your son returns safely.

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