Revenge on a Drummer

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05/24/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Such selective “terrorists” in Britain…they picked the first guy they saw walking about with a military haircut, apparently. They attacked and killed him with knives, and then told horrified witnesses it was because Brits kill Muslims and THEIR women have to witness that. They killed a drummer, a young man in charge of beating musical calls for his unit. This young husband and father was the selection of two Nigerian immigrants to Britain… they fled war-torn Africa and decided to be “warriors” on spring day in England?

Wow, that should turn the tide….don’t take out a sniper or bomber pilot; kill a young infantryman whose main task in playing music. Such heroes for Muhammad, I’m sure he is very proud…cause yeah, you bozos killing on an English street-corner surely blessed his name.


I really must look for a spittoon for this joint!


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